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A community of jazz lovers and musicians, Jazz Unlimited has promoted jazz in the Milwaukee area since 1971. Jazz Unlimited is a non-profit organization run by member volunteers, with the vast majority of its budget going to support its musical activities and Scholarship prizes.

Open Jam Benefit For The Jazz Gallery Featuring the Adekola Adedapo Quartet with Jeff Stoll, Sunday, Nov. 26th

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 Special offer for student jazz bassists and drummers who participate in the 2017 Jazz Unlimited Scholarship Program

Renowned jazz educator and musician Jamey Aebersold is offering a $300 discount off the normal $595 fee for his week long summer workshop to interested student jazz bassists and drummers who compete in the Jazz Unlimited Scholarship auditions to be held March 19, 2017. More info on the Scholarship page.

Help Raise Money For the Annual Jazz Unlimited Scholarship Program!

Please consider donating to the this cause to help fund the annual Jazz Unlimited Scholarship Program. Click here to go to our Facebook page for more information and to make your donation. All donations are made with secure encryption method to protect your transaction.  We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all your donations are tax deductible.