How Jazz Unlimited Supports Jazz


To support the art of jazz in all its forms and encourage local jazz musicians, composers and venues by cultivating an interest in jazz through local live performances, youth scholarship opportunities and community outreach throughout the Greater Milwaukee area.
Who We Are

  • Jazz Unlimited of Greater Milwaukee is a community of jazz music lovers and musicians, who have promoted jazz in the Milwaukee area since 1974. Music lovers as well as musicians are welcome to join and support our activities.
  • Jazz Unlimited supports occasional outreach recitals at senior facilities, music nights, club programs or events, and sit-in jam sessions. These provide additional opportunities for members to explore jazz music together without an audition.
  • Jazz Unlimitedfosters the development of local talent and students through competitions and recitals. Via the Douglas M. Gmoser, Chuck Hedges, and Jazz Camp Scholarships it supports renowned international competitions for emerging professional wind, percussion, pianists, singers, and composers.
  • Jazz Unlimited supports public event venues which also provide our performing members an array of locations to share their talents. Many of the venues have live jazz with no cover and are sponsored as a public service.
  • Jazz Unlimited relies on modest annual dues (augmented by contributions) to cover its basic administrative, postage and newsletter production expenses.
  • Jazz Unlimited is a non-profit organization run entirely by member volunteers (at a minimal cost) with the majority of its budget going to support its musical activities and scholarship prizes. This would not be possible without contributions from Jazz Unlimited members and donors who share in the vision espoused by the Jazz Unlimited Mission Statement.
  • Jazz Unlimited. Download a hard copy By-Laws